Carole Linhart
Cooking, eating, petting cats, hiking and organizing things are some of my longtime favorite things. I've learned to love some other things since I've been on the east coast. The primary one is being an EMT-B and volunteering with the Chatham Emergency Squad. I have been doing that for seven years and also began teaching CPR and First Aid shortly after, which I also enjoy a lot. When I lived in Seattle, I didn't think of New York City much, mostly on New Year's Eve. Now it is just so cool to be so close to it that I can get down there by just hopping on NJ Transit.
Fitness and exercise are also important to me (see my first two favorite things to do). I have been fortunate to have had no major knee or hip issues and except for plantar faciitis, my legs have served me well. So well, in fact that I have been leading a walking class in Chatham for seven years and am working on some fitness programs for the Borough of Chatham. I hope to see more of you out on the streets enjoying this wonderful little town. Traveling has always been a passion of mine and NYC is so much closer to Europe and South America than the west coast so I have taken advantage of that as well. True east coasters aren't going to like this - I love baseball but I have not become a Yankee fan, or a Met (what is a Met anyway) fan, or a Red Sox fan. I am still a Mariners fan but I have gone to plenty of games in Yankee stadium and all the stadiums within a day driving distance. One of my longer term goals is to visit all 32 professional baseball stadiums - I've been to 11. The rest of my life revolves around my college-age daughter, my cats and eating my way through all the Italian restaurants out here. But as many cool things there are out here, the east coast just doesn't know how to do coffee. Until I moved to Chatham I had never heard of a coffee shop that opened at 8:30am. By the time it is 8:30am in Seattle, most people are on their second or third pot. So when I go back to Seattle a couple times a year, I always bring back plenty of Tully's and Seattle's Best to tide me over until the next visit. My only claim to fame: I won a McDonalds radio contest once for being able to recite 'Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese onions on a sesame seed bun' ' faster than anyone else.
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