CEF Distributes $66K in Grants to Chatham Schools

Grants will help enhance education within Chatham's public schools.

As the 2011-12 school year comes to a close, the Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) announced its final grant winners of the year.

Throughout the school year, CEF awarded $66,000 in grants to 26 programs and special projects within the School District of the Chathams.

Among the winning projects are:

  • A $18,950 grant to (CHS) and (LAS) to improve lighting in the auditorium.
  • A $5,150 grant to purchase netbooks at (WAS) and $5,190.28 to purchase Second Step Kits for Enhanced Learning, also at WAS.
  • A $655.02 grant for books and materials for the Kinesthetic Classroom at .
  • A $1,006.50 grant for LAS to purchase Teaching with Easels, a program which will improve small group instruction
  • A donation of $1,484.50 for LAS, WAS, and for Final Edit Toolkits, which will improve the editing and revision tasks of the writing process for second, third and fourth graders.

These five grants are expected to be approved by the Monday.

CEF President Colleen Markley did not immediately respond to requests for comments on this article.


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