Winter Sports Coaches Up for BOE Approval

Also, Superintendent Dr. Michael LaSusa will present the staff acquiring tenure this year to the board.

Over two dozen people will be up for approval as winter coaches at the Board of Education meeting Monday.

Three of these names, all for the fencing team, are repeats from a board meeting earlier this year, when they were approved by the Board of Education. There is no change to their salaries from the June 4 meeting to the agenda for the Oct. 8 meeting.

The district pays a portion of the fencing coach salaries. Parents of the players pay the remaining balance and other expenses for the sport, usually with the help of donations. The Chatham Athletic Foundation, for example, is a donor to the fencing team.

The names up for approval Monday are:

Name Sport Salary Craig Swartz Bowling (head $6,343 Chris Palmer Fencing (head) $6,343 T. Woody Kongasmut** Fencing (assistant) $3,903 Conor Mason Fencing (assistant) $3,903 Frank Gilberti Ice Hockey (head) $8,294 John Gomez Ice Hockey (assistant) $5,855 Gregory Rinder Ice Hockey (assistant) $5,855 Myron Bakaj Ice Hockey (volunteer) N/A Richard Ragold Ice Hockey (volunteer) N/A Peter Rech Ice Hockey (volunteer) N/A Spautz Daniel Ice Hockey (volunteer) N/A Todd Ervin* Boys basketball (head) $8,294 Jeremy Heinze* Boys basketball (assistant) $5,855 David Shellenhammer* Boys basketball (assistant) $5,855 Kyle Raffo Boys basketball (volunteer) N/A Joseph Gaba* Girls basketball (head) $8,294 Elizabeth Barna Girls basketball (assistant) $5,855 Christopher Mazurkiewicz* Girls basketball (assistant) $ 5,855 Frank DiGiacomo Swimming (head) $8,294 CJ McCabe Swimming (assistant( $5,855 Christine McGookin* Swimming (volunteer) N/A Brian Cassera Wrestling (head) $8,294 Edward Suczewski* Wrestling (assistant) $5,855 Julie Ullmeyer* Girls indoor track (head) $7,319 Patrick Barry Boys indoor track (head) $7,319

* district staff member

** parent-funded

Swartz, Palmer, Gilberti, Ervin, Gaba, Cassera, Ullmeyer and Barry are all returning head coaches.

If approved, this will be DiGiacomo's first year as the head coach for the swim teams. 

Also on Monday, Superintendent Dr. Michael LaSusa will present all staff members who get tenure this year to the Board of Education. This is an annual tradition for the Board of Education.

Currently, tenure takes three years to acquire, but new state-mandated changes will require staff members currently on a tenure track to wait four years instead of three.

The board will also vote on a motion to approve the retirement of Carole "Peach" Bolton, a teacher at Southern Boulevard School, and the resignation of Carmine Bassolino, a custodian at Milton Avenue School.

Salary guides for certified staff will also be up for approval, as it is each year.

The Board of Education meets at the Chatham Township Municipal Building at 7:30 p.m. Monday. A full copy of the agenda can be found attached to this article.


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