Williamson, Berntsen Bring Tenacity to Teams

These two juniors are this week's Athletes of the Week.

Julie Williamson

  • Winter Track
  • Sprints and Mid Distance
  • Junior

Julie Williamson prides herself on her versatility. Specializing in the 400 and 800 meters in the spring, the junior has spent her winter season experimenting with a variety of distances. The risks have proven successful.

“I came in second in counties in the 600, which was a big accomplishment,” Williamson said. “I like the 600 because it is perfectly in the middle of my two best races. I have speed but also some endurance. This year, I did anything between the 200 and the 1200.”

“She really helps bring the team together,” Head Coach Julie Ullmeyer said. Ullmeyer added that been running particularly well in the 800 meter.

“She’s been doing very well this year,” she said. “She’s been having a good season. She has the potential to do the best in the 800, with the longer distance you can make more improvements as you go, sprints are harder.”

Ullmeyer said that Williamson’s leadership helped keep the team morale strong after losing several seniors last year.

Williamson believed she just did what needed to be done.

“We lost some good seniors so I thought I had to step up,” she said. “Now that I’m covering a lot of distances and doing a lot better.”

As for the future, Williamson promises to hit the track hard once Spring season gets underway. 

Jonathan Berntsen

  • Basketball
  • Guard
  • Junior

Jonathan Berntsen says he’s been playing ball since he was 5 years old. The twin brother of another Chatham Patch Athlete of the Week, Amanda Berntsen, Jonathan thinks that great basketball skills might be in the genes.

“My family loves basketball,” he said. “I’ve been playing as long as I can remember.”

In his third year with the team, Berntsen has become an unstoppable force on the court. This season, he has scored 293 points—32 of which were 3-pointers. Head Coach Todd Ervin says that Berntsen is a huge asset to the team, and his ball handling skills have brought them much success.

“He’s a hardworker and a really good player,” he said.

Berntsen cites his favorite moment of the year the victory over rival Madison on Feb. 10, a tightly-matched game that the Cougars won by only four points.

“We had just lost to them in counties,” he said, “and it was a real team effort. It felt really good to beat them.”


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