State Aid to School District Increases by $429K

Amounts for state aid were announced Thursday afternoon.

State aid to the for 2012-13 will total $1,871,941, according to numbers released by the state Department of Education Thursday.

This amount show a one-year increase of $429,210 or 29.7 percent over the $1,442,731 .

Business Administrator Peter Daquila said at the news, "We are delighted to have the additional state aid of $429,000. ... The additional funds should allow the district to maintain and potentially expand the services offered to the students."

Gov. Chris Christie for the 2010-11 school year, including several in Morris County. Some districts, including Madison, saw their state aid eliminated entirely; aid to Chatham was reduced by $2.58 million.

Total K-12 formula aid throughout the state for the 2013 fiscal year amounted to $7.8 billion, an increase of $135 million over 2012, according to a press release from Christie's office..

Interim Superintendent Dennis Fyffe and Assistant Superintendent Michael LaSusa were not immediately available for comment Thursday afternoon.

The Finance Committee of the School District of the Chathams is anticipated to introduce the budget for 2012-13 at Monday's meeting of the .

Chatham Patch will continue to update this story.

Biff February 24, 2012 at 10:15 PM
So net-net, Chatham is still down $2.151 million per year in school aid thanks to Governor Chris Christie's drive to better his chances at securing a place on the Romney presidential ticket. i sure haven't seen my taxes go down or any other material benefit from his massive cut.
Time4Dick2Go February 25, 2012 at 06:44 AM
Net-net, Chatham and all the suburban communities are down tens of millions of dollars that the state collects in Income taxes and then ships off to the Abbott school districts leaving us to pay exorbitant Property taxes to make up the difference needed to run quality school systems. The problem pre-dates Christie, but his latest budget does very little to really turn the ship of state off its current course.


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