St. Pat's Students Raise $300 to Feed Hungry

First- and seventh-graders raised the money to make lunches for Bridges Outreach, Inc.

Students at got behind the efforts of one seventh-grade student to feed the hungry.

Mac Vivona coordinated his fellow classmates and the first grade students at St. Patrick to donate 150 bag lunches to .

The administration and middle school teachers scheduled a school-wide Dress Down day on June 8 to help Vivona raise money to pay for the lunches. The Dress Down day raised most of the $300 Vivona needed for the lunches.

First grade students decorated the bags, while several seventh grade students stayed after school to make sandwiches and pack the lunches. They used an assembly line to prepare the lunches.

Vivona, Jack Chambers, Mark Kinol, Michael Moran and Matthew Tubbs delivered the 150 lunches to the service center for Bridges Outreach, Inc. in Summit. There they spoke with employees and took a tour of the service center.

Bridges was started in 1988 by Geoff and Ginger Worden. Volunteers go to New York on Fridays, Newark on Saturdays and Irvington on Sundays. In over 20 years, Bridges has not missed a Friday delivery.

Vivona said he was "really happy to help the homeless" and that "it feels really good to give food to people that need help." He hopes to coordinate another donation to Bridges after school starts again.

The donation was made in the name of St. Pat's School. 


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