Sprout House Sells Plants for Rain Garden

The preschool in downtown Chatham is giving residents the chance to mimic the borough's rain garden.

in Chatham Borough is currently holding their Native Plant Sale for members of the community.

Plants offered at the sale include some of the plants that will be planted in the public rain garden at . The garden will be located next to the pool house and is currently under construction.

Beverly Klepper, a member of the Sprout House Parents Association, said the sale offers a unique chance for Chathamites to see how a rain garden is constructed. "Anyone who wants to mimic the rain garden in their own backyard can buy the plants and see key design pointers from the Rutgers Rain Garden Design manual on the Sprout House website," she said.

Council President James Lonergan said, "Sprout House has funded up to $5,000" for the construction and creation of the rain garden. Additionally, Scandic Builders and Green Path Landcare have donated labor.

"More than the aesthetic appeal of a rain garden, its environmental impact is immense, as it allows rainwater runoff from the roof to be absorbed by the ground rather than flow into storm drains and out to sea," Klepper said.

Chathamites who wish to order plants from the Sprout House Native Plant Sale can peruse the available plants at the sale website. The order form can be downloaded from the website or found attached to this article.

Available plants include vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, herbs and flowers for sunny and shady areas.

All orders are due by April 25.


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