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Readers Recommend Chatham United Nursery School

Stanley Congregational Nursery School and The Learning Path rank as other favorites.

The readers of Chatham Patch have spoken, and (CUMNS) is voted as their with 268 votes in the poll, 12 of 51 comments and nine reviews on the school's directory listing.

So what do people have to say about CUMNS?

  • "We have been very happy with the CUMNS experience." -
  • "Our vote for the best preschool in Chatham is CUMNS!! The teachers are wonderful so engaged with each child!" -
  • "Love the CUMNS! Great programs including fabulous enrichment options in both the fall and spring. I wouldn't go anywhere else." -
  • "After the wonderful experience I had with my daughter at CUMNS, there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right choice for my son." -
  • "My children went to Chatham Methodist almost 25 years ago. It was such a positive experience, I have stayed connected to the school to this day. ... I was able to watch my children graduate from high school in Chatham and, completely unscientifically, observed that many of the top students in each of their classes had started with them at [CUMNS]. All these years later, [CUMNS] would still be my first choice." -

Readers particularly commented on the sense of community they found at CUMNS:

  • "The staff, student and parents have become like family and I can't imagine life without them." -
  • "The teachers and director are all fantastic and treat the moms like their family and the kids like their own." -
  • "From my son's little friends, to their parents, to the teachers, we have enjoyed the feeling of community that we get." -
  • "The caring and attentive staff provides individualized attention which has allowed my children to grow and develop a strong sense of self." -
  • "My son has had a wonderful experience at the Chatham United Methodist preschool. The teachers have truly gone above and beyond and Carol Bardon is a warm, caring and fantastic director." -
  • "Chatham United Methodist Nursery School has given two of my children the most amazing preschool experience filled with learning and joy. It's a wonderful community that celebrates this very special time in your child's life." -
  • "The staff has become like extended family, the facilities are bright, engaging and welcoming, and my children thrived with their learning through play philosophy. I credit much of their early elementary success to their experiences at CUMNS!" -

Readers also submitted a high number of votes (221) for , and a lot of comments (nine) extolling

  • "Stanley Congregational Nursery School is bay far the best nursey school in Chatham. I have sent all five of my children to the school." -
  • "The Learning Path is great! The staff is warm, caring, and very knowlegeable. My son has learned so much in their program." -

Private schools in the Chathams, such as and the , will be included on a separate poll.

To read what people had to say about about CUMNS, Stanley and The Learning Path, .


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