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Parents Defend Advanced Middle School Classes

Superintendent Michael LaSusa said the district is examining what programs best serve middle schoolers.

The School District of the Chathams may reevaluate how students are grouped by ability at the middle school level.

When Chatham parents expressed concerns that the School District of the Chathams could remove honors or Advanced Placement classes, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"over-50-gather-to-defend-honors-classes"} --> from teachers recommend students for different levels of math classes by ability as the students leave fifth grade and enter

Duncan Munchkin October 02, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Well, since we are living here in Chatham where every parent thinks their kid is gifted, talented, AND above average I think LaSusa needs to borrow from Starbucks where you can't order something as common as a small, medium, or large. Just call the academic derelicts "Gifted." The intermediate group could be renamed "pre-MENSA," and the last group "Einsteinian." Then everyone will feel good about whatever classes they get. There is nothing I like more than hearing from a parent with a kid in advanced math who then has to pay for outside tutoring so the kid can keep up with advanced math. Maybe he wasn't so advanced afterall. Like so many things in this town...the idea of advanced courses are an illusion--more political than educational, largely engaged in for the purposes of exclusivity. If your kid is truly advanced in math, she will prove it by getting a 5 in an AP math and an 800 on the SAT.


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