MSG Varsity to Air Chatham High Students' Video

The question 'What would you do if you had $1 million?' spurred interesting responses from Chatham High School students.

What would you do with $1 million?

At Chatham High School, this question, posed by the CHS Pulse, has generated some substantial buzz.

The Pulse is a weekly show produced by TV production students at Chatham High School, each featuring various stories from around the school.

Connor Henderson, the Technology and TV Production teacher at Chatham High, said, "one of the most popular segments on CHS Pulse has been the Question of the Week. In the Dec. 10 episode the question was, 'What would you do with $1 million?'"

Students had some interesting responses to the question, from giving the money to charity to "buying a small country, cars and vacations," according to a press release from MSG Varsity. "The light-hearted piece included numerous students throughout the school, as well as teachers."

Chatham High already participates in a cooperation with MSG Varsity. "We send them all of our content ... [and] MSG Varsity selects the best content from all of their partnership schools and puts them together in their show 'High School Life,'" Henderson said.

Juniors, Spencer Pendleton and Alec Bird produced the segment, which will air on MSG Varsity at noon Saturday.

The show is entirely made up of content produced by high school students. Michael Lardner, the executive producer and senior vice president of MSG Varsity, said the network makes an effort "to help educage students about television production," and shows such as 'High School Life' "give us a platform to showcase what kids are learning and accomplishing in those classes."

"It's a great honor for the entire class and a testiment to their hard work," Henderson said.


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