Chatham Day School Students Celebrate Multiculturalism

Dancing, food featured in Multicultural Day Celebration.

Chatham Day School kindergarteners left their “home Country” of “South Africa” and walks a few steps down the hall to “Japan.”

Once their passports were stamped, the students were treated to Japanese crafts, foods and peer presentations. Then, they returned to their classroom in time to have students from “Australia” visit them.

The events were part of Chatham Day School's Multicultural Day Celebration, where students in grades preschool through eight take turns acting as host countries and visiting countries in a school-wide lesson on cultures in a global society.

Middle school students research history, ecology, arts, architecture, and politics and present their findings in a creative way. Elementary students perform Spanish and Irish dances, taste regional cuisine, and dress according to their assigned culture. And younger students sing songs, make crafts, taste new foods, and celebrate the splendor of diversity.

Chatham Day School is an independent, coeducational day school for preschool (age 3) through eighth grade students on 15 acres in Chatham Township.


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