Board of Education Accepts Nearly $33,000 in Donations

PTOs, the Chatham Education Foundation and individual residents gave money to various purposes at Chatham schools.

The Board of Education of the School District of the Chathams voted in their last two meetings to accept $32,886.64 in donations from various school Parent Teacher Organizations, the Chatham Education Foundation and individual residents.

The donations show an emphasis from donors on outdoor programming and equipment at , and on technology at and Schools.

Over $18,000 was donated from the Chatham Education Foundation alone.

Broadcasting and Media

The Lafayette Avenue School PTO donated $3,973 to the school. The funds are specifically earmarked for equipement for the Lafayette Broadcasting Club and is intended to "enhance the learning experiences for the students and the quality of the daily broadcasts."

The Chatham Education Foundation donated $9,600 toward the purchase of an unspecified number of Netbooks and two Netbook lockers at Southern Boulevard School.

Chatham resident Mark Javello donated $500 to Southern Boulevard School for the purchase of additional shelves in the school's Media Center.

Outdoor Gardens and Playground Equipment

Nearly $9,000 of the funds were donated to Milton Avenue School for equipment for the preschool and kindergarten programs.

The funds included $2,700 for a storage shed for physical education equipment, along with playground equipment for the expanding preschool program, and $613.64 for an outdoor garden for preschool and kindergarten students. Both were donated from the Milton Avenue PTO and approved at the June 27 board meeting.

On July 18, the board approved a donation from Frank O'Neill for $5,000 for preschool playground equipment at Milton Avenue School, in memory of his wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Rory Chazen and Mr. and Mrs. Rory Teisch both donated $250 to Milton Avenue School for new gym equipment.

Other Donations

The Chatham Education Foundation gave $9,000 toward new stage lighting for the auditorium at Chatham Middle School, which the board approved at the June 27 meeting.

This donation comes totaling $14,580, which included a new state-of-the-art sound system for the auditorium.

Chatham residents Larry Lustberg and Claudette St. Romain donated $1,000 to Chatham Middle School in the name of the school nurse, Susan Butler. The donation is intended to purchase "professional development, supplies or comforts for her office or for student health programming," according to the agenda for the July 18 board meeting.


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