Advice for Class of 2013: Be a Role Model, Find Balance

Chatham High grads offer tips to current seniors on their final year before heading to college.

What advice would you offer to 's class of 2013 to make the most of their senior year of high school?

We asked several recent graduates from Chatham High to pass on their words of wisdom to this year's rising senior class. Here's what a few of them had to say:

From Amanda Berntsen:

First, I would tell the seniors to keep on studying and doing well in school. Even though most will be getting into colleges in the beginning of the year, it's still important to keep up grades. Not only do colleges keep track of their future student's grades throughout the year, but who wants to let their hard work their first three years of high school be tarnished by a poor GPA their senior year? It all counts!

I would also tell them to just enjoy every second of the year. Not only was senior year my favorite year of high school, but it was also the quickest. It goes by so fast, so make sure you take advantage of every second you have with all your friends and family!

In addition, be good role models for the younger grades. Even if it doesn't seem like it, the younger kids (especially the freshman) look up to the seniors, athletically or academically. You're the leaders of the school, enjoy it!

From Jonathan Berntsen:

Some advice that I have for the seniors is to still try, at least for the first semester, and to not blow it off because it's still important in terms of college. But most importantly, have fun because it goes by really fast. Don't take the time you have with your friends for granted because in a year you will all be going off to college.

From Thomas Stephan:

Find the right balance between academics and fun. Getting good grades during senior year is crucial because the first marking period or first semester is often your last chance to make a good impression on the schools you would like to go to. You want to head into college with a good work ethic so that the transition isn't too difficult. 

However, at the same time, don't get so caught up with academics that you do not embrace the fun and exhilaration that senior year can bring. It is your last hurrah so make the most of it!

Don't be afraid to make new friends. It may seem counterintuitive, but I found that this final year brought about new opportunities to come closer with other people besides my friends.

What advice would you give to this year's high school seniors? Leave your words of wisdom in the comments below.


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