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No Homes Come Off the Market

But we'll be back next week.

Usually this is the place you'd look each week to find out what homes sold in your neighborhood ... usually.

No new homes came off the market in the Chathams between Feb. 9 and 15, according to Garden State MLS.

We'll be back again next week with the details of what homes were sold, so check back again.

desktopalert February 24, 2013 at 09:11 PM
Love the patch but this article is less than productive, has little empirical data or value and if you examine the body of sales over last year or two and beyond, you would know this. Appreciate the reportage but the whole body of items that are regularly performed are in direct contrast to this article. i.e. The article while well intended......hurts the Borough because it seems designed for the "click". Another example is the articles about the body and skeleton found in another community. Gotta be a little more discrete here. Lots of people who didn't click think it happened in Chatham. Lets put a patch on the reporting please. Love your work overall, but not in need of hot points designed for increased clicks without regard to the impact the reporting has (relevance wise).


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