What Do You Think of Your Local Tax Bill?

New tax bills came out recently in the Chathams.

Residents of the Chathams recently received their local tax bills, which increased compared to last year.

The in an effort to keep taxes level, and the also in April.

Chathamites voted to in April. The school budget included a 2.4 increase in the tax levy.

, the budget included a 2.7% tax levy increase for borough residents and a 1.8% tax levy increase for township residents. For a $700,000 home, the average tax change would be an increase of $193 for Borough residents and $129 for Township residents.

Chatham residents, you tell us: What do you think of your new tax bills? Is your money well spent, or are your taxes too high?

Ron Swanson August 02, 2011 at 06:11 PM
This year's tax increases should have residents outraged. Our taxes are ridiculously high, especially so after the latest round of hikes. My taxes rose nearly $600 since last year. If that's what a 2% hard cap buys the taxpayer, then it is clearly a lot of nonsense. At that rate of increase, through compounding, my taxes will be about $10,000 higher in 10 years time than they are now. That is not a sustainable situation and it's time for our elected officials stop the belly aching and act to reign in spending. Borough tax bills are up 4% and Township bills up only slightly less than that. This nonsense has to stop - we've reached the point in the Chathams where property taxes have reached heights which will have a negative impact on home values, counteracting any positive impact derived from the quality of our schools and communities. Hopefully the public employee pension and healthcare reforms recently enacted in Trenton will start to bear fruit next year. It would be nice to challenge our School Board and town governments to keep taxes flat for one lousy year. The fact that they apparently can't do so shows how addicted to spending they are and how brainwashed they are in thinking that we are a society of unending unmet needs which the government has a duty to address.
ChathamGuy August 02, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Couldn't have put it any better, Rt124Guy. We can't stop spending. I certainly was expecting less than 4%.


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