Voter Turnout in Chatham Borough Under 6.5 Percent

357 borough residents cast ballots in Tuesday's primary.

Numbers for voter turnout in Chatham Borough show that under 6.5 percent of registered voters cast ballots in Tuesday's primary.

Out of 5,748 registered voters, 357 came to the polls or mailed in their ballots, according to results released by Susan Caljean, the borough clerk.

Over twice as many Republicans as Democrats voted in the primary, 245 compared to 112, out of 1,927 registered Republicans and 1,361 registered Democrats.

No nonpartisan voters came to the polls in Chatham Borough.

Of the candidates from both parties whose names appeared on the ballots in Chatham Borough, one municipal position, that of Chatham Borough Council member, had votes entered for a write-in candidate. Out of 17 write-in votes, 14 were cast for Democrat Herb Ramo.

Ramo released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying that he did not believe he could "run the type of campaign that the residents of Chatham deserve."

Nelson Vaughan, the current mayor of Chatham Borough, and Borough Council candidate Marcy Wecker, both Democrats, released a statement Wednesday saying that voting for Ramo was "an excellent way to honor Herb's many years of service in Chatham."

The other three write-in votes were cast for Vaughan, Michael Walsh and "Me."

All election results have yet to be made official by the Morris County Board of Elections. Results will be available next week, according to Caljean.

Bruce Harris, a sitting council member and the Republican candidate for borough mayor, released a statement along with his two runningmates for the council, James Lonergan and Gerald Helfrich on Wednesday evening. The candidates said they were "honored and grateful" for the votes garnered in Tuesday's primary, and asked residents to contact them with any suggestions or feedback or suggestions for the borough.

The text of the statement from Harris, Lonergan and Helfrich is below:

"Bruce, Jim and Gerald are honored and grateful for the show of support from Chatham voters in Tuesday's primary election. A community like Chatham succeeds because of its citizens and citizen volunteers who contribute every day to making our home a little bit better. Between now and November we wish to hear from you on how we can continue to make Chatham Borough one of the best places to live in New Jersey. We all make a difference."

The complete text of the statement from Vaughan and Wecker is below.

"We were pleased to see that so many of Herb’s friends and colleagues thought enough of him to encourage him to run for borough council. We think very highly of Herb and know that it would have been a true honor to run with him on our ticket. He would have made an excellent addition to our team and to the borough council. However, we respect his decision to refrain from accepting the nomination and we wish him and his family the best. We would like to thank all those in the Borough who voted for Mayor Vaughan and Marcy Wecker and those who chose to write in Herb Ramo. The Democratic Committee of Chatham, many of whom wrote in Herb, felt that this was an excellent way to honor Herb’s many years of service in Chatham, and we couldn’t agree more.

 Mayor Vaughan and Marcy Wecker"


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