Future of Township's Paddle Tennis to be Considered

Tennis courts may need some further improvements to continue program.

George Foot of the paddle tennis program will appear before the Thursday to propose improvements to the courts.

"The three primary problems are the upper tension bar on Court 1, [which] was damaged in the October 2011 storm; peeling and chipping of sections of the playing surfaces; and wire screens that cannot be tightened sufficiently and maintain even tension," Foot wrote in a proposal for the improvements.

Foot and Jack Conway, the head of Chatham Recreation, have already received proposals for the work. The lowest bid came from National Platform Tennis, which proposed to strip and resurface both paddle tennis courts and make other specified improvements for $12,790.

"The proposal includes a full guaranty of the court surface for seven years with the expectation that it will be good for much longer than that," Foot said.

Paddle tennis runs for two seasons, winter and spring. In the past, membership in Colony's paddle tennis teams has included residents of the township, Chatham Borough and Summit, among other towns.

Membership was at 33 during the 2011-12 season, with 18 men and 15 women, but Foot believes "with repairs and improvements to the courts, plus a renewed push for the women’s program and possible teen/family programs, [we] can increase this membership total into the 40 to 50 range or more."

The Chatham Township Committee ordered some capital improvements to the paddle tennis courts in 2010 and 2011. The courts lost their electric supply when the old club house was demolished, and the committee agreed to let the teams use the rooms above the snack bar as a place to rest and warm up during their matches.

"Paddle tennis members were very grateful," . "Unfortunately, the work [began] right as the fall paddle tennis season was beginning, and the courts didn't become available until November."

Other Business

The committee will also introduce a bond ordinance for improvements to Shunpike Field, and will vote on a resolution appointing an administrative secretary.

The Chatham Township Committee meets at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the . A complete copy of the agenda is attached.

robert stahl July 19, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Keep that program going no matter what. This game is exploding all across the country. We have over 20 bids in in Chicago alone and some even in Louisiana. It is not just a winter sport anymore. Contact us and we might be able to help. TOTAL PLATFORM TENNIS,LLC ROBERT STAHL PPTA INSTRUCTOR WINNETKA IL


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