Schools to Have Moment of Silence for 9/11

Chatham schools plan observances for the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks this week.

The has planned an observance for students and faculty for  developed a plan over the summer to observe the tenth anniversary of 9/11, which will go into effect Friday.

According to Assistant Superintendent Michael LaSusa, each school will observe the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 with a moment of silence, along with an address from the principal, on Friday.

The observance plans come weeks after the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE) released guidelines in July for how to teach 9/11 to different grade levels.

The 264-page book of guidelines, called "Learning From The Challenges of Our Times: Global Security, Terrorism and 9/11 in the Classroom," is not mandatory and is available on the DOE website (you can also find a copy in the gallery to the right).

The guidelines were designed to "help students understand a complex world." It contains over 100 lessons for grades K-12, organized by the suitability of difficult subjects and the objectives educators wish to achieve in the classroom.

Besides 9/11, the guidelines also contain lessons on bullying, racism, the Holocaust, working past personal fears, Islam and past terrorist attacks, including attacks at the Munich and Atlanta Olympics. It also provides creative activities for every age group that encourage communication and learning through art, music and photography.

Chatham Patch brings you everything you need to know for the start of the school year with several stories over the course of the week to get students, and parents, ready for the year to begin.

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