Administrator, Police Earn Top Township Salaries

Three employees earned more than $100K in 2011.

The business administrator and the police chief were the highest paid employees in 2011.

Each year the township approves annual salaries along with the municipal budget. Therefore 2012 salaries are not yet available for municipal employees Employees are paid at 2011 rates until new rates are adopted with the budget.

Police salaries listed below are at the 2012 rate.

Township residents is responsible for $257,124 in accumulated sick and vacation times to municipal employees. For an average township household with a home worth $741,003.41, the estimated impact is $64.35. 

In December, for Gov. Chris Christie's plan to eliminate vacation and sick time payouts for retiring public employees. Liabilities for unused sick and vacation day benefits total more than $825 million statewide, Christie said.

Several positions listed below were eliminated or vacated early in 2011, including the position of municipal judge, municipal prosecutor and police dispatchers. A complete list of positions either eliminated or left vacant since 2007 follow the tables.

Chatham Township passed its 2011 budget . Hagner said current forecasts of the 2012 budget are within the 2 percent cap mandated by law.

Position Name Salary

Township Administrator

Thomas E. Ciccarone


Chief of Police/Emergency Management Coordinator

John Paton


Department of Public Works Manager

John Pacelli


Director, Water Pollution Control

Marc Christensen


Construction Official/Building Sub-code Official/Inspector

Gregory Impink


Director of Recreation* Brian McNany* $81,600*

Administrative Assistant

Debra King


Tax and Utility Collector

Mary Ellen Babyack


Township Clerk/Registrar

Gregory LaConte


Construction Office Control Person/Planning and Zoning Board Manager/Dog Licensing Clerk/Senior Technical Assistant to Construction Official

Kali Tsimboukis


Township Attorney

Carl Woodward


Accounting Clerk Marge Gerba $52,543

Police Dispatcher 

June Bressler◊


Assitant Assessor/Recycling Coordinator

Eileen Hladky


Police Dispatcher Ben Keenan◊ $48,500◊

Administration Secretary

Ruth Sabonya**


Police Secretary

Barbara Luciani


Construction Office Secretary

Chrisanthy LaBua


Police Clerk/Assistant

Scott Baumann


Police Dispatcher

William Behre


Assistant Tax and Utility Collector

Erin Shaw


Department of Public Works Secretary

Nancy Esposito


Tax Assessor

Glen Sherman  


Municipal Prosecutor

Peter Fico◊


Acting Court Administrator

Jeanette Keyser◊


Fire Sub-code Official/Inspector

Dennis Bettler


Fire Prevention Official/Inspector

Barry Howard


Chief Financial Officer

Debra King


Governmental Access TV/Community Bulletin Board Manager

Tom Salvas


Board of Health Secretary

Gregory LaConte


Escrow Account Clerk

Eileen Hladky


Plumbing Subcode Official

Chris Gibbons

$37.50 per hour, not to exceed $1,200 per month

Committee Member

Nicole Hagner


Committee Member

Robert Gallop


Committee Member

Kevin Tubbs


Committee Member

Bill O'Connor


Zoning Board Secretary

Kali Tsimboukis

$250 per meeting

Planning Board Secretary

Gregory LaConte

$250 per meeting

Electrical Sub-code Official/Inspector

Anthony Giampietro

$41.25 per hour

Building Inspector (part-time)

Kevin Kelly

$37.25 per hour

Crossing Guard Walter Smith $18 per hour Crossing Guard Debbie Smith $18 per hour Crossing Guard Jacqueline McCabe $18 per hour Crossing Guard Robert Hathaway $18 per hour Crossing Guard Carmela D’Amelio $18 per hour

Police Dispatcher

James Condus (temporary short-term employee)

$15 per hour◊

Clerk Typist Dotti Rudnick $10-$16 per hour

Committee Member

Bailey Brower, Jr.



The following are the 2012 salaries for the employees of the Chatham Township Police Department:



2012 Annual Salary


John Paton



Steven Hennelly



Edward Gibney


Detective Sergeant

Maureen Kazaba



Thomas Miller



Dan Papa



Robert Scheetz



Christopher Slayton



Brad Hayworth



Michael Giannone



Michael Sawyer



David Weinert



Muta Blanford



Patrick Meade



David Schaffer



Scott Herchick



Keith Johnson



James Lattoz



Kelly Sretenovic



Michael Bloom



Anthony LoPorto


The following table displays the salaries of employees of the Department of Public Works. The numbers or letters following the names refer to their steps or grades.



Annual Salary

Fred Lee (F)


Don Kidd (F)


Terry Hopkins (AF)


Edward McGroarty (AF)


Mario Bronzino


Vito Capabianco


Jeff Sablack


Bill Schwarz


James SanFilippo


Richard Young (1-2)


Thomas Hillas (2-4)


Aaron Roth (2-4)


Michael Hajjar (2-3)


Scott Thornton (2-1)


Michael Sulpy (2-2)


James DeCaprio (2-1)


Greg Genovese (2-1)


Giacomo Gesualdo (3-4)


Ray Clarke (3-2)


Matthew Miller (3-1)


Danny McGookin (3-1)


The following positions were eliminated or left vacant between Jan. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2011:

  • Four police dispatch positions
  • Administration assistant
  • Deputy municipal clerk
  • Assistant tax collector administrative secretary/receptionist
  • Court administrator deputy court administrator
  • Municipal judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Assistant public works director
  • Police lieutenant
  • Construction clerical secretary
  • Public assistance officer

These further positions were eleminated or left vacant between Jan. 1, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2009:

  • Three Patrolmen
  • Zoning Officer
  • Land Use Administrator
  • Glenwood Housing Administrator
  • Police Administrative Secretary


*This salary is paid for jointly by Chatham Borough and Chatham Township. McNany was replaced as director in 2012. of the Joint Recreation Department at a salary of $75,000, according to a resolution approved by the Chatham Township Committee approved at the Reorganization Meeting on Jan. 5. 

**Sabonya retired in July 2011. Her position was left vacant.

◊Position eliminated in 2011.

†Salary to increase to $69,430.20 per year after anniversary date

‡Salary to increase to $99,550.50 after anniversary date

§Salary to increase to $69,955.20 after anniversary date


Editor's note: A previous version of this article stated the police salaries listed were for the year 2011. This information was based upon information received directly from Chatham Township administrators and was confirmed by them before publication. After publication it was revealed the salaries listed were for 2012 and not 2011. This information has been corrected, and Chatham Patch apologizes to our readers for this error.

028651 February 02, 2012 at 12:06 AM
So the double-dipping Township Administrator and the Police Chief are making that kind of money and we're wondering why the Govenor is doing what he's doing? How is it that the Police Chief is making that salary yet he is seen routinely doing overtime road jobs at what, $100/hour?? Ciccarone and Paton do us all a favor and just go away and save the town some money.
07928 February 02, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Did you even read the article and see the jobs that have been eliminated which is saving you (if you are even a township resident) hundred's of thousands of dollars a year? Or did your blind hatred towards public officials making a decent salary cause you to shoot your mouth off? A little education for you: the Chief of Police, when he's doing overtime road jobs, is working for a third party contractor, not the town. Your $100/hr comment is not even close to being accurate. Mr Ciccarone deserves every penny earns as he's dealing with the Governor's mess and trying to keep the township running. The Governor is handcuffing small municipalities with "doing what he's doing." Please post on this site when the Governor's municipal cap creates a significant savings on your tax bill. I'd really like to hear from you. What makes this country great is the ability a person has to make him or herself sound like a fool, and not get punished for it. Also, look at your property tax bill, and you will see that the police and municipal employees are NOT why your taxes are so high. Do a little research next time before spouting off.
028651 February 03, 2012 at 11:31 AM
Blahhh,blahhh,blahhh. A Democrat perhaps?
07928 February 04, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Wow...that's it, huh??
thomas jackson January 29, 2013 at 06:36 PM
No ciccarone earns the highest salary for a job he has admittedly said he can do part time can him and use madisons like the town does with court and health department matter a fact. Lets close that facility and contact all the testing of the service out to mmadisom


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