Rose City Readers Welcome Patch's Mobile Newsroom

Patchfinder stops in downtown Madison over the weekend.

In the world of politics and primaries, you're not playing in the big leagues until you have your own campaign vehicle, loudly proclaiming your brand and message.

Taking a cue from the candidates, Patch deployed the Patchfinder, a 23-foot RV brightly wrapped with the familiar green Patch logo, to let people know we're on the ground and on the case as coverage of the presidential primaries got underway.

The Patchfinder, named in a reader contest, began its cross-country trek at the Iowa caucuses, moved to the all-important New Hampshire primaries, then headed below the Mason-Dixon line for coverage in South Carolina.

The Patchfinder returned north for its first stops in the Garden State, rolling into Madison Saturday for a meet-and-greet with readers. Patch staff chatted about local news, signed up new users, and handed out some Patch giveaways, before bidding the Patchfinder adieu as it headed off to New York and, eventually, Massachusetts.

Jamie Duffy January 31, 2012 at 03:12 PM
I hope the Rooneys left with a T-shirt!


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