New Trash Bags Ordered Due to Tearing Concerns

Chatham Borough also considers increasing supply of bags for Pay As You Throw program.

Chatham Borough Administrator Robert Falzarano said he met with the owner of B&B Disposal to address problems residents have noticed with their green trash bags.

"We're getting some complaints about bags breaking," Falzaranno said.

Because Chatham Borough participates in a Pay-As-You-Throw program, residents can only use approved bags to dispose of their non-recyclable waste. These bags are a specific color—green, in the borough's case—and are printed with the town's name on the side.

The bags are only available at Kings Supermarket, Dreyer's Lumber and ShopRite. They cost more than plain black or white trash bags and are meant to encourage residents to recycle and reduce their non-recyclable waste as much as possible.

Councilman Vicki Fife confirmed the seams of the bag have been known to tear.

Falzarano said B&B has changed their bag manufacturer, and residents will soon see a new, stronger bag in stores. "If a resident does have a problem with the bags," Falzarano said, "just put the trash in a plain black or white plastic bag, ... with the torn bag attached," and B&B will collect the trash.

If residents have a large stockpile of bags at home, they can bring the bags to Janice Piccolo at the Chatham Borough Municipal Building. The borough will replace the old bags with the new, stronger bags once they arrive.

That's the Demand, Now the Supply

Falzarano also said residents complained that Kings has run out of their stock of the green bags.

According to Falzarano, the owner of B&B said "the company that produces the bags for him has not been delivering things on time. ...

"He has to order 100,000 bags at a time to get a good price on them. I suggested he order extra bags and keep them in reserve," Falzarano said.

Falzarano said the borough could potentially pay for the extra bags to keep a steady supply to borough stores.


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