Gazebo May Stay With 'Modifications,' Mayor Says

PSE&G will not allow parking at the gazebo site, but could let the Chatham Township gazebo stay with other conditions.

Chatham Township Mayor Nicole Hagner said she believes PSE&G will agree to let the Chatham Township gazebo remain in its current spot.

"We did have a follow-up meeting with PSE&G," Hagner said, "and I am pleased to be able to say we will likely be able to keep the gazebo at the location on Southern Boulevard, with modifications."

The utility company has not specified what those modifications will be, but Hagner and Chatham Township Administrator Thomas E. Ciccarone said parking at the gazebo will definitely not be permitted.

Ciccarone has also submitted an application to PSE&G to allow parking on the gravel lot at Colony Pool once more. "We have every reason to expect that that, too, will be approved, with conditions," Ciccarone said.

The conditions may include making the lot smaller, and perhaps paving it.

PSE&G terminated its licensing agreements in Chatham Township at Colony Pool and at the gazebo when they started their North Central Reliability Project through Chatham.

When Hagner first announced the terminations in July, she said the utility company was "not willing" to have a structure in their right-of-way.

Construction on the entire project is expected to last two to four years, though Township Attorney Carl Woodward said he believes the project will be completed within 18 months.

The gazebo area was used in the past as a drop-off zone at Southern Boulevard School and the parking lot at Colony Pool was used as overflow parking at Chatham High School.

Currently parking is permitted by the Colony tennis courts, by the club house and on a paved strip off of School Avenue.

Jessica Falzarano September 21, 2012 at 01:54 PM
I would really love it if the gazebo stayed. My husband and I took our wedding pictures there with our family on Oct, 2nd 2010. Mayor Hagner married us later that night. It was a very special day and I love driving past the gazebo and thinking of great times.


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