Incumbent Abbott Loses Re-Election Bid By Just 13 Votes, Unofficial Results Say

Karen Swartz and Michael Kelly narrowly won Tuesday's Republican primary for Chatham Township Committee's two open seats.

Incumbent Kathy Abbott lost her bid for re-election to the Chatham Township Committee by a mere 13 votes in Tuesday's Republican primary, according to unofficial results.

Karen Swartz garnered the most votes with 644, followed by Michael Kelly's 634, Abbott's 621 and Peter Fico's 472 for the two open seats. No Democrats ran in the primary.

The two seats are currently held by Abbott and Bailey Brower Jr., who did not seek re-election.

Abbott, who ran on the same ticket as Kelly, claimed this week Brower attempted to sabotage her re-election bid by spreading misinformation.

"His goal this time is to dash my chances at reelection so he can promote his own favored candidates," Abbott wrote in a letter to the editor.

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Chatham Examiner June 06, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Sarcasm duly noted. I encourage you to go to a township meeting. He does and says what he wants even when there is a conflict of interest and has been recused. I think this is where people see the TWP members as puppets. He seems to do whatever he wants with no recourse. Some of it is definitely out of line. Chatham Courier editorial is a good read. As an FYI, republicans are trying to keep independent off ballott. Unless there is a write-in campaign expect Kelly and Swartz. I wish I knew his Jedi mind tricks, maybe just compromising photos of the majority of voters. Who knows?
Chatham Examiner June 06, 2014 at 11:12 AM
That being said, hopefully this is all moot with Brower gone. I personally do not think anyone on the committee is a leader, with possible exception of Ritter. We will see where his values are. Hopefully Kelly will add some much needed leadership.
John June 07, 2014 at 10:33 PM
I find it more than a little disturbing how people attack Mr. Brower so viciously! Are people forgetting that this is an 88 year old man!!! For crying out loud I can't believe that this man is still so involved and passionate at his age about his town! Has some of his actions been eye rolling? Yeah....but he's 88 freakin years old!!! Turn on Fox News and you'll see much more loonie stuff said by people half his age! He's hanging it up in a few months... I say we tip our hat to a guy his age that is still relevant and cares! It's admirable to say the least! If he's loony at times... We'll again he's 88!!!!!! People need to get a life!
Chatham Examiner June 08, 2014 at 11:50 AM
Again, another ridiculous comment defending Brower. How Chatham politics and self interest relates to the age of anchors on Fox News is beyond me. Brower has been Looney since day one in office. Age is not an excuse for his antics. Your comments support the fact that Brower should be removed from office immediately. Others have suggested he is a self-serving bully, you suggest he is senile or suffering from dementia. If that is the case he should be put in a home
Resident June 11, 2014 at 02:09 PM
Did you guys happen to see this? http://newjerseyhills.com/chatham_courier/news/and-then-there-were/article_9419cfa4-f0a8-11e3-8d97-001a4bcf887a.html Haha, I love the "ShopRite Employee" allegation. Now I kinda understand why nobody knew anything about this until after the primary...


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