DOT Awards Kings Road Grant to Borough

Chatham Borough took its share of $2.5 million awarded to District 21 towns.

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick announced Thursday that the New Jersey Department of Transportation has awarded $2.5 million in pedestrian safety and roadway preservation grants to 14 municipalities in the 21st Distict.

Of the $2.5 million, was awarded $65,000 for the pedestrian safety project along Kings Road.

All other grants were awarded to roadway preservation projects. The borough was the only municipality to win a grant for a pedestrian safety project.

"This funding will help us repair important local roads and keep pedestrians safe in our communities," Bramnick said.

Borough Council Member James Collander said he was pleased to hear about the grant award. "It's going to give us some resources to do something with Kings Road," he said.

The Traffic Safety Committee and have monitored pedestrian safety and traffic on Kings Road for over a year, trying to get an idea of what features would make the road safer.

Besides the , Collander said "we'll wait to see what funds are available before we decide what to do."

The committee has held public hearings and to residents of Kings Road asking for their input into the project. According to Collander, a consensus has not yet been reached.

"There [are] several options that we could employ. It depends on how much money we get from the state," Collander said, and how much is available from capital investments and other sources.

The borough council applied for to help with the project. The funds from this grant, Collander said, "will help us very much. ... We're very pleased about that."

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. said, "Our municipalities work hard to stretch taxpayer dollars, and it is always helpful when the State works with them in order to ensure that our roads are safe and well maintained."

A complete breakdown of the grant funds awarded may be found in the table below.

New Jersey Department of Transportation Grant Funds Awarded to District 21 Municipality Project Title Project Type Grant Amount Chatham Borough Kings Road Pedestrian Safety Improvement Pedestrian Safety $65,000 Long Hill Township Main Avenue/Central Avenue Phase II Roadway Preservation $195,000 Westfield Township North Euclid Avenue Roadway Preservation $145,000 Summit City Deforest Avenue Roadway Preservation $205,000 New Providence Borough Oakwood Drive (Sec. 2) )Roadway Preservation $205,000 Berkeley Heights Township
Park Avenue - South Roadway Preservation $185,000 Bernards Township Collyer Lane Roadway Preservation $175,000 Watchung Borough Lakeview Avenue and Cedar Road Roadway Preservation $220,000 Cranford Township South Union Avenue Roadway Preservation $205,000 Garwood Borough Various Streets - 2012 - Garwood Roadway Preservation $185,000 Kenilworth Borough Various Streets - 2012 - Kenilworth Roadway Preservation $205,000 Mountainside Borough Wyoming Drive (Sec. 2) Roadway Preservation $180,000 Roselle Park Borough E. Grant Avenue (Sec. 3) Roadway Preservation $205,000 Springfield Township Wabeno Avenue Roadway Preservation $205,000
A_Chatham_Citizen August 24, 2012 at 01:11 AM
In this article they are now talking about a sidewalk on the South side of Kings Road. In the previous meeting/article, they stated the sidewalk would be on the NORTH side of Kings Road. The agreement (at the meeting) was for a sidewalk on the NORTH side. Do we need to purchase a COMPASS for the Chatham Borough engineers and safety officers?????


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