Christie Blasts Romney Staffers As 'Know-Nothing, Disgruntled'

Gov. Christie said Mitt Romney's staff had spread a false rumor that he had turned down an opportunity to campaign for the presidential candidate.

Gov. Christie dismissed rumors that he had turned down an opportunity to campaign for presidential Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania, saying the story had been spread by "know-nothing, disgruntled Romney staffers who don't like that I said nice things about the President of the United States."

Christie was in Westwood Tuesday to speak about New Jersey's recovery from Hurricane Sandy. The governor had previously praised President Barack Obama for the support the federal government had given to the state after the storm devasted coastal areas.

Christie explained that he had spoken with Romney before Sandy hit the state last week. Romney had asked him to join him at an event, but Christie told Romney that he would not be able to help if Sandy caused serious damage. Christie said he had never been formally invited to the event.

"Those who fear that they may be blamed if things don't go well look for other people to blame," Christie said.

Christie said he had voted for Romney Tuesday morning.

jett96 November 11, 2012 at 11:49 PM
We need some food, blankets, and shelter. How about starting with that and the eloquent details of poltical debate can be put on hold a bit. Fair enough?
Dupont November 13, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Obama is the best president the US ever had and Christie the best governor NJ ever had.
tryintosurvive November 13, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Both Obama and Christie are doing very good jobs thus far and probably mat sime day be considered among the best that have held their office. Their remaining time in office and their legacy will tell. However, neither one is probably going to be considered the best ever. Obama has to be considered above Washington, Lincoln, and FDR to start. Christie will have to be considered ahead of Woodrow Wilson and men named Livingston, Paterson and Bloomfield. I don't know much about the accomplishemnts of the last three but I imagine that they were pretty good.
Tortured in the Caldwells November 13, 2012 at 04:26 AM
jane you ignorant sl-t! Gas prices are twice as high as when Obamanation took office---when prices went up under Bush you were likely commenting how he was in bed with big oil. The stock market has increased on the strength of investment in the far east---not America. Along with Gas prices, food prices are through the roof--maybe you haven't noticed. Throw in that real wages are down over $4000 per person over the last 4 years, poverty is up, foodstamps are up, unemployment is up. What's Obama's answer?? I know, I know, create more dependancy on the government and more entitlement programs----you know, because the ones we have now are so well run and flush with tax revenues. You think you're bright---probably work for the government or make so much money, the prices of food, fuel and everything else means nothing to you. Obama is crushing the middle class. T NJ is broke as we struggle to pay all those dem favors to unions (government unions giving full pensions after 25 years in, along with virtually 100% taxpayer funded benes). If it wasn't for the most ignorant amongst us and the rich who could care less, there would be no Democrat party. Notice that more people are leaving this state than coming in---why? Because when people continue to vote to pick your pocket you feel you have no choice but to get the hell out an go to a republican run state. Only problem is that the Dems know to do that too and then ruin those states with their votes.
Tortured in the Caldwells November 13, 2012 at 04:40 AM
Unions have broken the backs of every state in which they have power. Who pays your pensions? Who pays for your benefits? It was an accomodation when police and teachers were paid somewhat nominal salaries. Average salaries in our town for cops??? $125,000 a year---f'ing ridiculous for a small town cop with a "C" average in highschool and two years of college. And you want free benefits too??? and retirement after 25 years? Who the hell is getting this in the real world?? Corporations would go broker if they had to pay that and we'd all be out of work. State union people don't give a poop that the rest of us are getting 1% increases each year and paying 50% and more for benefits that cost more every year while towns and the state are asking for 5% increases year-in and year-out for property tax increases to cover that crap. Enough is enough---live in the real world and quit complaining. I could care less about your newfound dissatisfaction--government unions need to be crushed into reality and non-union members are voting for just that.


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