Chatham Recreation Moves to Club Model

The department will coordinate field resources and allocations, while the club programs will run the teams and hire the coaches.

Recreational baseball and soccer will move completely over to club operations and out of the umbrella of Chatham Recreation, if two resolutions pass the Chatham Borough Council Monday.

The Chathams have been moving toward the model of letting sports clubs operate their recreational sports teams for a year. Clubs will hire coaches, who must adhere to the same standards they had under Chatham Recreation, including background checks and first aid certification.

Soccer will be run by the Chatham United Soccer Club, and baseball will be run by the Baseball Club of Chatham.

Also, club sports must provide teams for players with various skill levels and allow kids to participate and play as long as there are enough players to make a team.

Clubs must also obtain and pay for equipment, uniforms and insurance policies which cover coaches, players and staff.

The recreation department, meanwhile, will dispense funds and other field resources for the clubs, and assign fields for games and practices. In return, each club will pay a fee into the Field Maintenance Trust.

Each club model up for vote Monday, baseball and soccer, will also have the right to add a member of the Chatham Joint Recreation Advisory Committee to the club boards. A club board member may also sit in on meetings of the recreation advisory committee.

The Chatham Borough Council meets at 7:30 p.m. at the Chatham Borough Municipal Building. A full copy of the agenda is attached to this article.

Duncan Munchkin September 24, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Yes, if you have serious disagreements with the way we have prematurely given rec soccer over to the club team please speak up at the vote we are holding AFTER we have already transferred the entire program and started the season. And the police department wants a 2012 jeep for the parking lady and new Ford Explorer??? They have stuff parked all over town! $55,000 in new vehicles to patrol 2.5 square miles. Whatta joke!


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