Chatham Mayor Looks Ahead to Gateway Zoning, Train Station Centennial

Borough hopes to welcome restaurant to train station, Mayor Bruce Harris says.

Chatham Mayor Bruce Harris. Credit: Jake Remaly
Chatham Mayor Bruce Harris. Credit: Jake Remaly

Chatham Mayor Bruce Harris said the borough will start revising zoning laws for the new "Gateway" zone in 2014, and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chatham Train Station.

Chatham hopes to welcome a restaurant to the train station location, Harris said in his 2014 address at the governing body's reorganization meeting Monday.

Harris also reviewed Chatham's accomplishments in 2013, including improving emergency management procedures, traffic and pedestrian safety upgrades, transitioning recreational sports to a club model, and bringing back the white holiday lights to Chatham's downtown.

A new long-range financial plan is set to be reviewed by the council at an upcoming meeting, he said.


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