Brower Honored to Close Out Year as Mayor

Bailey Brower Jr. 'has been a lifelong resident of Chatham Township whose family roots go back generations.'

Bailey Brower after being sworn in as Chatham Township mayor Dec. 4. Credit: Tom Salvas
Bailey Brower after being sworn in as Chatham Township mayor Dec. 4. Credit: Tom Salvas

Chatham Township has a new mayor for the month of December.

Outgoing Committeewoman Nicole Hagner resigned as mayor at the Dec. 4 meeting—while keeping her seat on the governing body—and the Chatham Township Committee unanimously appointed Bailey Brower Jr. as mayor for the remainder of the year. (The five-member Chatham Township Committee appoints one member as mayor for the year.)

While he's relishing the title, Brower sees the appointment as an honor for one month only, and he'll be ready to give up the title when the governing body re-organizes in the new year.

In 2014, he plans to finish his fourth term on the Chatham Township Committee, but not as mayor.

Brower, who previously served as deputy mayor for two years, said he can be "much more effective as a committeeperson." He said his direct manner and intolerance for people who "stand up and want special privileges" is not necessarily suited for the mayor's seat.

"It's quite an honor for the committee to do this," he said of his month-long mayorship.

Runs in the family

Brower's family settled in what is now Chatham Township in the 1700s, and has lived here ever since.

Brower's great grandfather, Lewis M. Noe, was Chatham Township's first mayor in 1899. Noe's son, Lewis A. Noe, was mayor in 1915. Brower's uncle by marriage, Arthur B. Churchill, was mayor in the 1940s.

Brower is involved in the Noe Pond Club, which started nearly 60 years ago. He said the club is an important resource and asset to the community.

"Mayor Brower has been a lifelong resident of Chatham Township whose family roots go back generations," Township Administrator Thomas Ciccarone said. "He is completing his 11th  year as a member of the Township Committee having taken office in 2003."

Brower said he was an early proponent of property owners' rights, allowing owners to knock down houses and build bigger structures.

Brower said he does not think he will run for office again after his term is up at the end of 2014.

"It was very much an honor to be named," he said.

The Committee is scheduled to meet 7:30 p.m. Thursday for its last meeting of the year. The reorganization meeting is scheduled for Jan. 2, when Committeeman-elect Curt Ritter will join the governing body.

John Nonnenmacher December 10, 2013 at 09:44 PM
Boo humbug
Farimount Johnny June December 11, 2013 at 04:47 PM
Let me understand this because it baffles the mind in what is going on here. So, the committee chose Brower for mayor knowing full well that he publicly said that his direct manner and intolerance for people who "stand up and want special privileges" is not necessarily suited for the mayor's seat ? What were they thinking ? A month or a year does not matter. It is the principle here. I also remember an article during the summer about an incident at a public park where someone from Summit (Hannele Rubin) was complaining to the town and according to an article she put in the Patch, Mr. Brower allegedly chose to handle her complaint by responding to her concerns with this really unprofessional email. This was cut and paste from a previous Chatham Patch posting. Mrs. Rubin. Anyone with a smidgeon of common sense would not take a dog to a public park, most particularly athletic fields, whether or not there are signs prohibiting animals from defecating on children's playing fields.. If Mr. Ciccarone appeared "rude" to you, or you feel he was "harassing you", I apologize. Haven't you really something better to do than to carry on a personal agenda? Relax, and see a play, preferably Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing". I respectfully suggest you get on with your life. Bailey Brower, Jr. Township Committeeman" To me, this is incredible. Not only would the liberal medai have a field day with this, so would Bill O'Reilly. What a joke. Retire if you cannot handle people.
Ron Swanson December 15, 2013 at 04:40 PM
A legend in his own mind - long, long overdue for retirement. Honestly, who cares about this guy's lineage - does it give him the "special privileges" to demean and talk down to the citizens of his own and neighboring towns, which he does on a regular basis? As the article says, he's not fit to be mayor because he's a a nasty, boorish old fossil.


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