Sidewalk Survey In, Vacant Lot Talk Tabled

Traffic, pedestrian safety and Safe Routes to School remain on the agenda for Monday's Chatham Borough Council meeting.

Further discussion of the has been postponed to the Sept. 10 Chatham Borough Council meeting. Borough Engineer Vincent J. DeNave said of the lots, "More work was required to determine if they could be auctioned as building lots or just auctioned as non-buildable lots to adjoining owners."

DeNave said residents have contacted him with comments and concerns. By postponing the discussion, he hopes to have a more detailed proposal based on a "[finalized] wetland review and public feedback."

Neighbors said their concerns include whether the lots are or should be buildable, due to lot size, wetland status, the impact on traffic and on quality of life if additional houses are put onto now-vacant lots.

"I believe it is important to have some more mapping prepared so that both the council and the public can better understand the intention and the process should it move forward," DeNave said.

A discussion of traffic and pedestrian safety, including sidewalks and crosswalks, is still on the agenda. Chief Philip J. Crosson and DeNave are scheduled to report on results of the sidewalk survey, recommendations and improvements to crosswalks within the borough.

The Chatham Borough Council is also expected to approve various resolutions, including:

  • A resolution approving Fred R. Peterson as a crossing guard at the hourly rate of $20.03.
  • A resolution proclaiming September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in support of the awareness campaign.
  • Two resolutions adding Timothy Carey and Benjamin Dorkin as probationary firefighters in the borough.
  • A resolution honoring the Board of Trustees, officials, faculty and staff of the Adult School of the Chathams, Madison and Florham Park for the classes and programs they have offered since their doors opened 75 years ago.
  • Resolutions making appointments to various boards and committees, including:
    • Kathleen Flynn to the Chatham Borough Farmers Market Advisory Committee;
    • Douglas Herbert to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, to fill an unexpired term vacated by Tayfun Selen;
    • and Alida Kass to Herbert's unexpired term as a first alternate on the Zoning Board.

The Chatham Borough Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the . A full copy of the agenda may be found in the Photos & Videos section of this article.


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