Search Resumes for Second Teen in Budd Lake

Body of one teenage boy who went missing in icy water was found Tuesday afternoon, search for the second was suspended Tuesday night, prosecutor says.

Update, 10 a.m. Wednesday: Dive and recovery teams have resumed searching for the body of the second teen in Budd Lake as of 8 a.m. First Assistant Prosecutor Thomas Zelante said the Morris County Prosecutor's Office will release a statement later in the day. Mt. Olive Mayor Rob Greenbaum wrote on his public Facebook page Wednesday morning, "Let's bring the last boy home today."

The search for the second teen, missing since Monday night in the partially frozen waters of Budd Lake, was suspended Tuesday afternoon, Acting Morris County Prosecutor Fredric Knapp said.

Knapp said the New Jersey State Police Marine Service Bureau's six divers spent more than six hours searching in the icy waters on Tuesday.

"The divers who used sonar to assist them in their efforts made a total of eight dives in an attempt to recover the bodies," Knapp said. "The body of one of the young men was recovered."

Mt. Olive Mayor Rob Greenbaum said at 3:08 p.m. Tuesday on his Facebook page that the body of a teen who went missing Monday night was found and pulled from the lake.

"The State Police Dive team recovered one of our lost youth. I am hopeful for the second family that we can bring some closure to this tragic event shortly," the Facebook post read.

According to Knapp, the NJSP will be returning Wednesday morning to continue the recovery efforts. 

"We extend our condolences to the families," Knapp said.

Mt. Olive Police Cpl. Eric Anthony said responders will continue to search and no one was giving up until the recovery operation was completed.

"But I haven't been out on the lake, so I can't say for certain about the timetable," Anthony said.

The area on Sandshore Road near the intersection of Budd Avenue has been an active scene since calls came in at 6:20 p.m. Monday.

Clyde Schimanski Jr., a father whose son—Clyde Schimanski III—went missing around the same time as the calls came into police, told Patch he’s “kind of in shock.”

“My son was a good kid,” Schimanski said. “He would never pull a prank like this. I realized around 6:30 (Monday night) my son was one of the ones (in the lake).”

It has not yet been released if the body recovered Tuesday afternoon was Schimanski's son.

A crew of divers continued to search throughout Monday night into Tuesday, according to Mt. Olive firefighter Doug Fenichel. Additional responders resumed their search at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Fenichel said.

“We hoped it was a hoax,” Fenichel said. “But as information came in, we realized otherwise.”

Families of the teens were held inside Budd Lake Chapel Tuesday and met with authorities and grief counselors.

“The high school is a mess today,” said Budd Lake resident Kim Maleyonok, whose daughter attends Mt. Olive High School. “Teachers are crying; students are crying in the classrooms and in the halls. Clyde (Jr.) is a sweetheart—he’d rip his heart out and give it to you. This is devastating to him.”

Greenbaum, who was at the scene Monday night, wrote on his public Facebook page just before midnight, “Once again I am sad to report that we likely lost two young adults in Mount Olive this evening. May God bless their families and help ease their pain.”

Firefighters and police attempted by boat to reach the teens, who were heard screaming for help in the lake, but were unable to reach them, Fenichel said.

This is an ongoing story. Patch will update as details are made available.

12345678 January 09, 2013 at 06:20 PM
Fund set for funeral of Nick Cianciotto, who fell through Budd Lake Ice http://www.nj.com/morris/index.ssf/2013/01/fund_set_for_funeral_of_nick_c.html
Frazure January 09, 2013 at 07:27 PM
This was a real tragedy and my sympathy and condolences go to the families of those who perished. BUT - I for one am sick of a nanny government attempting to watch over me and govern my every move - most levels of government can't govern themselves, never mind the rest of us. How about applying a little old fashioned common sense? That's what could have averted this senseless tragedy - not more governmental intrusion in our lives and mindless misuse of our tax dollars.
nynola January 09, 2013 at 08:22 PM
I don't have time for politics. I was just trying to think of solutions. I will spend my time trying to focus on the families and donating $ for the fund.
Bill Child January 09, 2013 at 10:00 PM
A tragedy for all, and something every parent fears might happen to one of their or another's children. My brother once told me, before my wife and I had any children, but he had two, was "You can't believe how being a parent changes your perspective on life and everything. Your children become your life and if something happens to them, good or bad, you are changed." This loss, so sad, is hard for anyone to understand. If you are a parent or dedicated guardian, it is devastating to even imagine, but I only hope something positive might come from it. What? Can only imagine and hope. Condolences to family, friends and school mates. Be safe. It's a tough world but wonderful if respected. Be strong but never lose the magic.
Long Valley resident January 11, 2013 at 10:19 PM
FYI LVresident....the fire house I was talking about, houses fire trucks and my point being that its a shame fire men...not EMT's, were not at that FIRE house that night who were paid, not volunteers, who have the equipment to responded instantly, instead of it being paged out, crew members driving in their own personal vehicles with blue lights to get to the building, fire up the trucks and then pull out, hopefully with enough crew showing up so they can roll to the call. The initial search and rescue was NOT performed by the New Jersey State Police Marine Service Bureau as you state, the first responders where the fire men and the EMT's... and the Budd Lake/MT Olive fire men were the initial searches...


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