Pedestrians, Drivers 'Are a Danger to Us,' Police Say

Chatham Borough officials ask anyone who can to go home and stay off the roads and sidewalks.

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic are posing a danger to emergency responders in Chatham Borough, according to Police Chief Philip J. Crosson.

"People being out is a danger to us. They're putting themselves at risk and us at risk," Crosson said Tuesday afternoon.

JCP&L has not confirmed any wires in Chatham as de-energized, and police say any downed wire should be treated as live—because it probably is.

"I see kids under trees that are hanging with wires, I see parents running around with kids in the street. And I don’t think they realize how dangerous this is. These trees that are holding the wires up may not hold them permanently," Crosson said. "Every wire, whether it’s a power line or not, has the potential to be live.

Crosson echoed pleas from Tuesday morning and Monday in asking people to retun to their homes and remain indoors.

Multiple roads remain closed in the borough, including:

  • Chatham Street
  • Fairmount Avenue, in multiple locations
  • Van Doren Avenue
  • Lafayette Avenue
  • Meadowbrook Road
  • River Road
  • North Passaic Avenue
  • Coleman Avenue West, which Crosson said is in very bad shape
  • Hillside Avenue
  • Elmwood Avenue
  • Inwood Road
  • Clark Street
  • Washington Avenue
  • Lincoln Avenue

According to the outage map on the JCP&L website, 3,629 households in Chatham Borough and 4,394 households in Chatham Township remain without power as of 2 p.m. Tuesday.


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