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Chatham Women Had Heroin, Ecstasy Police Say

Authorities were responding to a home on Hillside Avenue when they made the arrests.

Two Chatham residents were arrested on drug possession charges after responded to a Hillside Avenue home on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said they charged Julia Sickler, 23, with possession of heroin, a hypodermic syringe, and narcotics paraphernalia, and charged Jessica Villars, 20, with possession of ecstasy.

Police said Sickler was taken to the Morristown Medical Center by the Chatham Emergency Squad after apparently ingesting a combination of drugs.

The two were released pending further court action, police said.

TCG August 29, 2012 at 04:57 PM
If only they'd gone to a high school basketball game drunk...then they'd have been rushed back to their parents with a slap on the wrist...and without having to live through the inconvenience of paying the price for breaking the law. I'd sure be curious to know if these girls started with heroin...or if maybe it all began with the one legal and socially acceptable drug for which parents and the police look the other way when it comes to underage kids - booze.
Libby V August 31, 2012 at 11:42 AM
Bravo to those that are supporting these girls, especially the neighbor who stepped in to call 911. They, and their families, need our compassion. It makes me sad to read so many cruel and judgemental comments coming from this community. Yes, these girls have a serious problem and yes, they could harm someone else due to this problem, but there are many in our community with similar drug and alcohol problems - and most get by with hiding, denying or justifying their own problems. I hope that this serves as a turning point for these girls and their families. My heart goes out to them.
Jimmy Armstrong September 03, 2012 at 11:58 PM
I grew up with one of these women. She is kind-hearted and generous and a beautiful voice. I wish her the best. As for Steve's asinine comment: "Sadly? What's sad is that our tax dollars will be spent "treating" these junkies." ... Like all drug warriors, you miss the forest for the trees. The real drain on tax dollars is the packing of prisons with non-violent offenders who must be fed, clothed, have access to toilets, run the electricity in the prison, I could go on all day Here, educate youself. But judging by your asininity you are a stubborn mule. Drug mule, ;-) http://www.alibertarianvent.com/2010/04/drug-war-is-war-on-society-and-private.html
Jane Doe September 08, 2012 at 04:03 AM
As a close friend of the Villars family and after getting permission from Jessica to discuss the issue, for a lot of young adults substance abuse is not simply a result of underage drinking, bad parenting, or some sort of depravity. The underlying problem here is mental illness, specifically for Jessica, bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a disease, like cancer or diabetes, and is not something we should criticize or judge. Mental illness and addiction are serious and devastating problems, but they are not things to feel ashamed of. So instead of alienating these women and passing judgement on their actions, let's accept that there is a lot to this story we don't understand and simply keep these women and their families in our prayers.


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