Would Coffee Consumption Link to Glaucoma Make You Stop?

Harvard study links drinking three or more cups a day to development of 'exfoliation glaucoma' in study participants.

Excuse us while we sip from our third cup of the day.

Whether you're a Patch editor who can't see colors without coffee, or just an everyday addict, a lot of people enjoy their Morning Joe. Some like Joe in the afternoon, at night or, heck, how about all day?

But, according to a New Jersey Newsroom article, those of us enjoying our coffee a little too often might be at greater risk of damaging our eyesight. Sorry, we couldn't read that—we were wiping a smudge off our glasses.

According to the article, citing both articles in Medical Daily and Science Daily, a study conducted at Harvard University has determined that people who drink three or more cups of coffee a day have a better chance of developing what is called "exfoliation glaucoma" than those who do not partake.

Alas, such news does not bode well for a town such as Chatham, which has two Dunkin' Donutses, Farley's Place, TM Ward, Cafe Beethoven, Angie's and the Fairmount Country Store, all of which are popular spots to feed one's coffee fix (did we leave any out?).

Would studies such as this help to steer you away from your daily brew? Or, do they not worry you so much? Let us know below.


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