Republican Committee Member Endorses Nonnenmacher

Writes in about the township committee candidate's "deep roots" in Chatham Township.

Dear Editor,

As a fellow member of the NJ Republican Committee, I wanted to recommend Laura Ali Nonnemacher to the voters for Township Committee. 

Laura is passionate about serving your fine town and has deep roots in the community. She has been a resident for 19 years, her three boys attend Chatham public schools and her parents also reside in town. She has served and volunteered for numerous posts including President of PTO. 

As a collegue I know she will bring an interesting dynamic. She has unlimited energy and passion in whatever she does and is solutions oriented. She will bring her wealth of experience and success in the private sector to the Committee and make a positive impact on Chatham Township. 


Ray McGrath

Richard E. Templin June 04, 2012 at 07:24 PM
Tom, I like your position on this one. You should probably try to get that established with the Township Committee as well. It would avoid some of the crazy dialogue going on between Bailey and Kathy over on this comment page http://chatham.patch.com/articles/a-chathamite-s-guide-to-the-2012-primaries#comments. You and I have been friends for awhile now. What do you say that we get our prospective parties to do the honorable thing, stop these endorsements, and let the voters do what they do best.


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