Marine Major Endorses Kevin Sullivan

Sullivan served in the US Marine Corps under the major.

To whom it may concern:

It is a distinct privilege and pleasure to endorse the candidacy of Mr. Kevin Sullivan for the Committee.  

Although I have not lived in the Chatham Township community, I have known Kevin for more than 25 years, which included his honorable and faithful service as a U.S. Marine Officer, and later as a personal friend and advisor.

Over the years our friendship has endured in earnest, and every step of the way Kevin consistently demonstrated immeasurable commitment, dependability and impeccable personal integrity as evidenced in his success and enviable reputation as a finance-professional,  community-servant and responsible family-man.

As an artillery officer, the nation placed its greatest trust in Kevin when he was chosen for the highly selective Personnel Reliability Program. After an extensive background check, Kevin received the nation’s highest security clearance. Only those individuals demonstrating the highest level of individual reliability, responsibility, allegiance and trustworthiness are selected to perform these duties, a testament to Kevin’s character.

Upon taking up the challenges of a recruiting command, Kevin was identified early-on as a problem-solver, troubleshooter and among the strongest team-builders.  In my command, Kevin became known as “Captain Productivity” and his insistence of getting “face-to-face” with every challenge earned him a reputation as a firm, fair, friendly and disciplined leader.

People knew exactly what to expect from Kevin and that he could be counted-on when the going was the most difficult to insist on the highest ideals and standards. He always got the very best from his Marines and civilian employees. His enthusiastic, yet steady, collected, and systematic approach to the most difficult analytical or physical challenges were remarkably contagious.  

To this day he is remembered by all of those who served with him.  You see, they learned the very best about what it means to serve a cause greater than themselves from Kevin. I was his commander and I have certainly learned a tremendous amount from this fine American patriot for the past 25 years.

Kevin has been tested in exceptionally challenging circumstances as a United States Marine and has already been a key contributor in matters of crucial import in his own home town. He consistently gets quality results!

I certainly hope that the citizenry of Chatham Township will make note that this is an opportunity that they have been given to elect Kevin Sullivan to the Open Seat on the Chatham Township Committee. This is once again Kevin’s offer of service and commitment for his friends, neighbors, and families to help shape the policies and decisions for their good in the years ahead. He has my strongest and most enthusiastic endorsement for elected office in Chatham Township.


Patrick D. Connally
Major, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired   
Round Rock, TX


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