Madison Resident Writes Endorsement for Nonnenmacher

A chance meeting at an ice cream truck impressed one woman new to the area.


Dear Editor,

I was taught when I was a little girl that true character is demonstrated when he/she thinks that no one is looking.

I'm new to the area but a few weeks ago spent the afternoon at the park on Shunpike with my sister and her kids. While on line at the ice cream truck with my nephew I noticed someone who was struggling to find enough change to buy his kids ice cream. Both kids wanted different items and he was trying hard to talk them into sharing one. 

A woman in line behind him then offered to buy ice cream for both of his kids and then told a story about the same thing happening to her and how some stranger helped her out once before. The man had a far away town on his shirt so he wasn't from around here but he was so delighted in this woman's kindness.  She went out of her way to make it not a big deal at all. 

When I returned to my sister I pointed her out and told her what a nice act I just witnessed. A woman next to us then told us the woman's name - Laura Nonnemacher as she was her PTO president. She went on to say how nice she was. I watched the Patch video today and it all clicked together that the woman who bought the ice cream is the woman with the unique signs and I felt compelled to write this in about her.

Yes buying ice cream for strangers isn't a political platform. But how someone acts when they don't think anyone else is watching demonstrates the character and integrity of an individual. That means there is a higher than great chance that she will follow through and do what she says in the video. 

I don't live in Chatham so I can't vote, but I'd urge all people that can - vote for the woman with character. Vote for Laura.

Karen Jennings

Madison, NJ


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