How Do You Keep Kids Active During Winter Months?

Cold weather and sickness can sometimes put a crimp in children's physical routine.

Are your kids getting enough exercise during the winter months? With all of the illness passing through households these days, parents can find it hard to get kids off the couch once the fevers are gone.

Though we have not had a lot of snow this season, the unpredictable frigid temperatures and precipitation can make it tough, at times, to let the kids run around outside. What is a stir-crazy family to do?

The good thing is that our area has plenty of facilities where kids and their parents can get some physical activity.

It may seem counter-intuitive to have your kids jump into the pool when it is cold outside but how about swim lessons at the Madison Area YMCA or at NJ Swim? The winter can be a great time to brush up on swim skills before vacations while getting some warm, indoor exercise.

Do your kids need to work on their backhand? Check out The Chatham Club for squash lessons or Centre Court Athletic Club's Junior Program for tennis and get a leg-up on the competition before the warm months roll in.

Looking for something parents and kids can do together? Stop into Plaza Lanes in Madison for some bowling or challenge your balance at the Florham Park Roller Rink.

If you are looking for some simple free fun, how about transforming your own living room into a dance floor? Turn off the TV, turn up your radio and do your best moonwalk or funky chicken. No one will care how you look and spontaneous dance parties are some of best ways to blow off steam or just get your family's blood pumping.

Chatham and Madison Parents - How do you keep your kids active during the winter months? Do you have some suggestions for some fun, free or reasonable physical activities in the Chatham or Madison area? 

KeepItReal February 22, 2012 at 10:00 PM
I take exception to the "About this column" statement "we already know moms have a tough job". If this is truly a column about "parenting" and not "mothering", due credit should be given to the jobs dads do!! In my opinion, when it comes to keeping the kids active, dads generally are front-and-center. My suggestions would be to bundle the kids up and go biking or hiking if it's warmer, skating and sledding if it's colder/snowier.


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