Freeholder Reflects on Tax Decrease, Fiscal Strength in Morris

Ann Grossi has 'great satisfaction' for county's financial achievements.

To the editor:

As a member of Morris County’s Budget Subcommittee in 2011 and chair through 2012, I felt great satisfaction that Morris County was recognized in 2013 for being the only county in the state to achieve a decrease in taxes at a rate of .8 percent in 2012. We are now in a position to work at crafting a 2013 budget with a zero percent tax increase.

Having been on the budget subcommittee when Gov. Christie’s sweeping legislation was enacted, I know firsthand how his visionary reforms beginning with the 2 percent cap, and in pension, health and labor arbitration set the ground work for the county’s current fiscal achievements.

As a direct result of the governor’s vision in combination with the county’s policy of conservative fiscal management; the fruits of our labor are being seen today in the form of reduced countywide taxes.

First, the historic conservative stewardship of county resources and budget throughout prior years ensuring our Triple-A bond rating has been enhanced by the governor’s reforms.

Second, great strides in labor negotiations,where the county was able to achieve a zero percent salary increase, in addition to larger pension contributions and agreement by the county employees to higher contributions for health insurance premiums beyond what the law required is a direct function of the governor’s vision and the dedicated hard work by all county employees.

Finally, a significantly reduced workforce through attrition, resignations, consolidation, outsourcing and a hiring freeze has played a momentous role in the county’s current sound fiscal health. All of the above created the .8 percent reduction in taxes and produced the financial resources for the entire Freeholder board to work toward a zero percent tax increase for 2013.

Congratulations to Governor Christie and Morris County on a job well done.

Freeholder Ann Grossi

The freeholder recently announced her intent to seek the position of Morris County Clerk.

clyde donovan January 17, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Go to a freeholder meeting and see how much these people bond. See how much of your tax money is flushed down the toilet by handing out historic-preservation and open-space welfare to their cronies.


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