Chathamites Mixed on Christie's Announcement

Some say Gov. owes a commitment to state; others say Washington needs him.

Chatham residents had a lot to say when they heard the news Tuesday that Gov. Chris Christie would not run for president in 2012.

Andrea Strutt, a Chatham resident who recently moved back to New Jersey after spending several years in California, said she was "disappointed" with Christie's announcement.

"I feel that what he did with the budget was necessary, and we really need someone like that in D.C. who can produce some sort of [balanced] budget," she said.

Debbie Howes disagreed. "He's cutting Medicaid and then he gets this reputation for slashing the budget. But at what cost?" she said.

Christie —again—at a 1 p.m. press conference in Trenton. Despite repeated denials in the past, Christie had refrained from commenting on a potential run in recent days, which led to speculation he was ready to change his mind.

"Everybody wants Christie to [run] because they're disappointed with what they saw in the debates. ... On the other hand, he's still young," Hany Elsharkawy, of Chatham said. "Maybe after another term when he has more experience."

"I wish he had gotten in because I think he would have been easier to beat than [former Mass. Gov. Mitt] Romney," Frank DiPrima said as he walked down Main Street.

Strutt had a different opinion. "I think some Republicans think he's too liberal, but I actually think that would have given him a good chance."

Township Committee Member Bailey Brower Jr. said he called Christie's office on Friday to urge the governor not to run.

"I think he'd do well in the presidential election," Brower said, "[but] I think that with the young children that he has and the commitment that he has to New Jersey, which is unfinished business, I think it's a very wise decision on his part."

Brower said Christie might have a better chance in a presidential campaign after he has more experience as a governor.

"He's done such a splendid job [in New Jersey]," he said.

Biff October 05, 2011 at 04:01 PM
Question: Has anyone in Chatham seen their cost of living or taxes go down under Chris Christie? Our local taxes are up, especially given the cuts in state aid for education. I am still burning that super wealthy Abbot Districts like Hoboken got increased aid. When the Gov cut money for public transportation, my monthly train ticket skyrocketed. Our right as citizens to decide who we want for a local School Superintendent was stripped from us by the Gov, and now we pay that former Superintendent’s pension AND the salary of a new Superintendent. How stupid is that?!! NJ’s unemployment rate has gone up under Christie and the State’s comparative schools ranking have gone down. Our local police department is increasingly becoming the Morris County police department. Heck, I’ll gladly pay an extra few dollars a year to keep our local town services rather than being part of the “shared services” of the county/region. As a Republican, I sure wish that I could say that Governor Christie has been great for Chatham and NJ, but so far I’m just not seeing it. It amazes me that the rest of the country and media label him a miracle worker. Am I the only one scratching their head over this?
baileybrowerjr October 06, 2011 at 03:36 PM
Comment: The name of the Democratic Party game plan is to bash any and all Repubulican or Tea Party Candidates! What on earth does the incumbent party under Obama have to offer the AMERICAN people except more regulations, higher taxes, a totally disruptive, unconstitutional and financially bankrupt National Health Care Plan, and more governmental interference into the business sector? We are crying for energy relief from despotic far eastern suppliers, and the incumbent can't get off his backside to expedite and promote the opening of the Canadian oil shale lands and build a Canadia-U.S. controlled pipeline together with a government with whom we share so many similarities here in our own hemisphere. Talk about stupidity! Our State stiil has a long way to go, but under Christie's leadership, perhaps, just perhaps, the State of N.J. will once again become one of opportunity instead of governmental oppression. Christie is doing the job we elected him to do here in N.J. and here is where he can best accomplish what he and we set out to do. Bailey Brower Jr., Chatham, Township Committeeman
Biff October 06, 2011 at 04:18 PM
Point well taken about the "Democratic Party game plan" - Getting back on topic regarding the Governor, I'd just like to see him really achieve what he is getting credit for. He is one of the few Republican "Media Darlings" . . . please Governor, live up to this praise! As a republican I can't wait to say that my taxes down, the unemployment in the state is down, cost of living down, and big government is NOT taking away my local vote and local decision making ability - unfortunately the opposite is true for each and every one of these points. Not sure the Tea party would be too pro the Governor given his weak stand on gun rights, border protection and the big government approach to local town decision making power. People (especially parents) today give credit quickly and easily. I guess I grew up in a family, during a part of our Country's great history when you had to earn and deserve the credit you were given.


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