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Apply for Jobs You Really Want

Applying for jobs you have no interest in could hurt you in the future.

As a recruiter, the need arises to post job requirements on the Internet after I exhaust my other resources and determine that I need some outside help. One would assume that everyone who replies has thoroughly read the job description, location of the workplace, and available pay rate before applying. This past week, I received a few reminders that people seem to send resumes regardless of whether or not they fit the job, and even more annoying, if they really want the job.

One resume arrived in my email this week applying for a job as a Human Resources Coordinator. The candidate had spent the past 20 years as a Gemologist with absolutely no mention of anything related to HR. Another candidate applied for a position requiring at least 5 years experience assembling large industrial machinery but had spent about 10 years as a department head in a grocery store with no other experience listed!  A posting for a part-time person to provide desktop support at a pay rate of not more than $20 hourly for 25 hours per week drew a response from someone informing me they are a perfect fit but will only consider full time positions at a minimum of $40 hourly! 

My final example comes from a phone call I placed to a woman who sent in a wonderful resume in response to an ad for a job in Manhattan. Her mother answered the phone and asked where the job was located since her daughter was out at the moment. Upon hearing Manhattan, she scolded me since her daughter only wants a job on Long Island. I politely (though it was hard to do) informed her that since her daughter specifically wrote me about the job, I really needed her to call me. Since I never heard back (and found 2 very willing people to submit to my client), I will assume that either the candidate did not pay attention to location before replying or the mom never gave her my message.

Some of you may feel that a candidate should apply for every job posted in an effort to find work. I will leave you with this thought, I do remember people who respond to jobs they either do not remotely fit or have no intention of taking.  If they contact me later on for a better fitting opportunity, I will remember them and put them toward the bottom of my list! Once a candidate leaves a poor impression, it is hard for me to send them out to my valued clients.

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Madison Cyclist June 22, 2012 at 02:37 AM
Warren - it's not just HR, it's any corporate function that isn't making it rain revenue. If you're over 40 and making north of 100k, and you aren't "client facing", you're at risk.
Harold Levin June 22, 2012 at 10:46 AM
Warren, Your remarks are very true. I occasionally miss the days when we did not have email to rely on and used typewriters to prepare resumes which we often hand delivered to the HR manager who would often pick up the phone and bring the hiring manager into their office so we could discuss the candidate's skills live and in person. One of my biggest frustrations right now is when HR pleads with me for quick response time on resumes then takes 2 weeks before even replying to my email (forget about live phone calls)!
Steve June 22, 2012 at 06:41 PM
I have been searching for a job for about 6 months now as my current contract is due to expire in less then 2 months. A got a lot of spam for jobs that was no where near my criteria. I did submit to jobs where maybe i was a 50% match on the hard skills and close to 100% match on the soft skills. But the focus seem to be 100% on the hard skills. So I agree the process is not like it use to be and needs fixing. Anyway I finally got a very good offer for another contract position at a competing company So when I gave notice my current employer finally started to move to convert me and now I wait. It has been progressing fast so I am very hopeful it will finalized soon, the approvals are all done just going through the lengthy HR process.
Harold Levin June 22, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Steve, I hope we hear continued good news from you. You are correct in that very few employers are will to compromise on hard skills right now. Soft skills are almost a forgotten piece of the equation today and that is a true shame. Best of luck!
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