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Think you missed anything in the Chathams this week?

Hey, it's the end of summer. It's a holiday weekend. It's only natural you let your attention slip a little. So just to make sure you're all up-to-date by the time school starts, here is the Week in Review:

Attorneys for the Citizens Against Ordinance 2012-05 and said plaintiffs in the market garden lawsuit applied to add a new count to the suit alleges that two of the officials who voted on the ordinance should have recused themselves from the vote due to apparent conflicts of interest.

Chatham Borough Police expect to continue special enforcement along Main Street at least once a month over the coming months to ensure motorists obey crosswalk and cell phone use laws.

Rankings from New Jersey Monthly failed to take into account errors in the state Department of Education's (DOE) annual report cards and changes in how the DOE measures data, according to Chatham's Board of Education President Thomas K. Belding.

A spokesan for New Jersey Transit said the rail overpass at Watchung Avenue is safe for use and is inspected after each time a truck hits the bridge.

Several pending motions will be heard before the Hon. David Rand in the borough's ongoing lawsuit against Tricare, and a trial is scheduled to begin in September. Tricare is owned by , attempted to establish a gambling addiction treatment center at the . and trial will begin later this month.

Principal Mary Quigley worked with St. Patrick School, district employees, Chatham Borough officials and police officers to come up with ideas to make the area around Washington Avenue School safer for students.


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