Drug Raid, New Cell Tower Spot Top Local News

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seized a military grenade, a stun gun and about 1 pound of marijuana were seized in a bust of a Chatham Borough father-and-son drug operation at a Lum Avenue home.

The Chatham Township Committee took no action on a proposal from T-Mobile to construct a temporary cell tower on a residential property.

Residents near one of the vacant lots up for potential development in Chatham Borough say the lot is not buildable.

The transported a teenage boy to Morristown Medical Center after he struck his head and chest on a diving board at .

Chatham Borough Engineer finds damaged sidewalk slabs have increased by 1,000 since 2004, despite a substantial investment in repairing sidewalks over the years.

Borough Mayor Bruce Harris credits Green Initiatives Chairwoman Cindy Steffens with the certification.

Chatham Borough's 2012 Road Management Program kicks off Monday.


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