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Stumped on Ideas for a Father's Day Gift?

Legends Gallery owner has some ideas.

Sure, dads can be tough to shop for, but at least one man in town has a recommendation ... especially for young kids who might not remember a time before there was a New Jersey Devils hockey team.

"Even though the Devils are New Jersey's team, the Rangers are still more popular with people my age," Randy Dembo, one of the owners of , said. "People my age grew up with the Rangers, and we didn't switch alliances just because a new team came to town."

Each New Year's Day, Dembo vicariously relives his days playing pond hockey in Chatham by watching the NHL's Winter Classic. This year the game took place in Philadelphia, with the Rangers facing the Flyers.

"We have a great picture of Henrik Lundqvist, the goaltender for the Rangers, from the Winter Classic this year," Dembo said. "We have great photographs of the Rangers and the team from the Winter Classic."

And if your dad did happen to turn into a Devils fan, "I do havev lots of Devils stuff as well," Dembo said.

Thanks to recent appearances from members of the New York Giants, the 2012 Super Bowl champs, Dembo also has products from and .

"The New York Yankees are also doing well," Dembo said. "One of the pieces that's most popular is called 'The Last Pitch in Yankee Stadium.' Mariano Rivera pitching the third strike in the ninth inning of the last game at the old Yankee Stadium. That's a pretty cool piece, actually.

Share your gift ideas for Father's Day in the comments section below!


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