Montecallos Bring Chatham to the Knife's Edge

With the Chatham Borough Farmers Market underway, this regular vendor is back.

Who would have thought a little annoyance like never having sharp knives could turn into a business? For Ivis and Jim “The Knife Guy” Montecallo it did when they opened The Edge of Knife, a sharping service.

“I was always complaining about [never having a sharp knife] and we never knew what a sharp knife was,” Ivis, owner of The Edge of Knife, said. “[Jim] started getting into buying more and more tools and sharping for the neighbors and friends.”

Now in his second season at the Chatham Borough Farmers Market, Montecallo sharpens anything from ordinary kitchen knives to gardening tools and cleavers. An eight-inch knife costs $5 to sharpen, and larger knives are $6. A cleaver can cost between $7 and $10 and ceramic steels are $15 each to sharpen.

Most of the time Jim can sharpen anything right on the spot or as you shop around the Farmers Market. Sometimes, however, they run out of time and Iris says that with the agreement of the client they have to take the knives home to sharpen.

The Edge of Knife is something the Chatham Borough Farmers’ Market has never seen before. According to Ivis, it is a good home business and it is unique. “It’s a different kind of business,” Ivis said. “When people see us they are like where have you been!”

The Edge of Knife is at the Chatham Borough Farmers Market every third week. For more information email knifesharpening1@gmail.com.


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