Green Nails Surprises with Crowds, Convenience

The salon, tucked in between a karate studio and Noah's Bagels, could be easily overlooked.

I remember the first time I noticed . I was looking lazily into the shop windows as I walked from one side of the CVS shopping center to the other, and suddenly saw, to my surprise, there was a nail salon there.

At the time, there were few customers inside. But when I stopped inside earlier this week for a manicure, they were entirely occupied and I was placed fourth in line. Another queue had formed behind me by the time I took my seat for a manicure.

It's been a few weeks since my last manicure, which meant the thing I dread: Cuticle-cutting. The manicurist made this potential horror a much easier experience, however. She was gentle and efficient, albeit a little quick. I appreciated the sanitary pouch of tools, too.

The process of actually painting the nails was a little more disappointed. There were no chips or smudges, but I did notice one or two bubbles after I left, a telltale sign of layers of wet polish applied before the layer below could dry. But with several people waiting for their manicures behind me, it is tough to blame them, and I doubt anyone but me will notice.

The real lasting impression of Green Nails, though, was the friendly atmosphere inside. Patrons and employees alike chattered back and forth among each other, sharing jokes and laughs even with people they had not met before. Sometimes in a nail salon you feel forbidden from speaking with anyone not directly in front of you. Green Nails has managed to escape this library-like quality.

Place: , 449 Main St., Chatham.

Cost: A manicure is $10, a pedicure is $20. Waxing and massages are also offered at various prices.

Impression: Really friendly staff create an inviting space that feels more like you're on a patio with friends than in a nail salon. Sanitary kits for each patron are a nice touch as well. Walk-ins welcome.

Overall Grade: B+


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