Cablevision Blacks Out WPIX

Fee dispute leads to a blackout of the Tribune-owned station.

A dispute over retransmission fees has pushed WPIX-TV off Cablevision.

The Tribune-owned station was dropped from the area cable provider's channel lineup over what Cablevision called "anti-consumer demands" by the WPIX parent.

But WPIX said it had hoped to keep the station on air while negotiations continued.

In a statement, Tribune wrote that "without warning, Cablevision unilaterally removed four Tribune stations in four markets from its cable systems. Cablevison took this action despite our offer of an unconditional extension of the current carriage agreement with no change in terms while negotiations continued."

Cablevision, meanwhile, fired back, arguing that Tribune was trying to solve its financial problems "on the backs of Cablevision customers."

Other Tribune-owned stations also went dark in south New Jersey and in Connecticut.

Editor's note: Patch has a partnership with PIX 11, called "Patch on PIX," where the station features major stories from Patch sites in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

mojopin12 September 06, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Most do not understand that there are renters/license fees to carry and broadcast channels. When those fees go up they will be passed on to the consumer like anything else. Not to mention paying $170.00 for a service that is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to help babysit and raise children, fill in time that could be well spent doing more productive things, meanwhile people will blow 100.00's of dollars in one day to go to one Met game for a couple of hours.
Cal Croucher September 24, 2012 at 12:11 PM
The situation with Cablevision (and all of the other cable TV re-broadcasters) is only going to get worse with time. Long ago I could see that their greed ruling most of their business decisions and decided to cut the cord and only use them for my Internet service. I now use free VoIP for my phone and my entertainment comes from Droid TV Primetime that cost $3/month. I'm sure the cable companies will look at this trend and come up with some new way to screw us with a new "Internet only" surcharge.
JenniferB September 24, 2012 at 12:24 PM
You are probably right. I'm using more and more Apps to watch tv such as Netflix streaming and NBC, ABC etc. CW has an app so if they are not back on by the time Vampire Diaries is on ( don't judge lol), I will have to use the app with Apple TV to watch it on my actual tv.
Cal Croucher September 24, 2012 at 01:01 PM
You won't get any comments from me about you watching Vampire Diaries @JenniferB but I have to admit I prefer Android over Apple so there won't be any Apple TV in my home. Droid Tv lets me watch primetime TV anywhere, anytime without the need for 3G, 4G or WiFi streaming. It's wonderful and Apple can't do that.
Cable Sucks October 24, 2012 at 12:12 AM
I am so fed up with cablevision, if I didnt hate it so much when I was with verizon then I would consider making the switch and getting away from them. Most of my shows are on channel 11 and this is the 2nd time they blocked out a channel (last time only lasted about 2 weeks though) and it is over 2 months and enough is enough. I really wish there was a way to screw over cable since they are screwing all of us by cutting out our channel. As many times as I call and complain though, I still am spinning my wheels and getting no where, all they do is read you a script. We pay almost $200 a month and dont even get all the basic channels, why not cut out ten of the trash channels and give us this one back. Nothing like paying for Starz and HBO also and all you see are repeats. Completely annoyed at this BS!!!


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