'Outstanding' Response to Toy Drive, Police Say

More than $1,200 items were donated to the annual Toys for Tots drive in Chatham Township.

Scott Herchick, the president of Chatham Township PBA No. 170, said the Chatham Township Fire Department, the residents of Chatham and the police donated more than $1,200 in toys during the Chatham Township Police Department's 2012 toy drive.

"We had an outstanding out-pour of support from the residents of Chatham," Herchick said.

Besides toys collected from holiday parties and the Noe Pond Club, the township fire department used $1,200, collected from their Christmas tree sales, to purchase toys for the drive.

The "majority of the toys went to [the] Berkeley Township Police Department down the shore," Herchick said. "We delivered a full-sized pick-up truck, filled inside and outside, to the members of the Berkeley Township Police Department."

Berkeley Police distributed the toys at their annual holiday party to area residents who suffered during Hurricane Sandy.

Herchick offered his thanks, on behalf of the PBA, to "everyone that donated and [gave] hope to many families during their difficult times."


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