Be Green and Charitable in Chatham

Chatham Patch prepares you for the week ahead.

Each Monday we welcome you back to the work week with a look at what to expect in the Chathams. From content you'll find on Patch as the week goes on to community activities, here's what you need to know this week:

1. You need to know how to be green: The third Saturday in September means it's time again for the Green Fair of the Chathams. We'll have a preview of the event and a list ways you can help make Chatham a greener place to live.

2. You need to know about parking: Chatham Borough will soon set up an ad hoc advisory committee to help solve parking problems in town. Check out Chatham Patch on Monday to learn more.

3. You need to know what goes with pork: The Chatham Township Fire Department will hold its annual pig roast and fundraiser Saturday evening, and Chatham Patch will have a preview of the fun and games to expect that day.

4. You need to know about music and theater: From Chatham High School's fall play to a give-away contest for this week's Sanctuary Concert, Chatham Patch has all the arts news you need to know.

5. You need to know about Chatham athletics: In a shift from their annual gala, the Chatham Athletic Foundation's annual fundraiser will be reincarnated as Septemberfest on Saturday. Check back later this week to learn more about this year's new fundraiser.


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