ChathamSTEM trip to World Science Festival
ChathamSTEM trip to World Science Festival
Invited by Keith Blanchard, a Chatham parent working with the World Science Foundation, ChathamSTEM took a group of Chatham School students to visit a science expo titled "What Goes Around Comes Around: Oceans, Atmosphere and Weather". NYU’s Courant Institute and NOAA teamed up with WSF to teach students how weather systems are created. Students engaged in hands-on learning experiences and got to see our home planet as they've never seen it before: projected and animated on a giant, suspended globe, Science on a Sphere®  from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The students also got to see how the Katrina and Sandy storms formed though projections on a special spherical movie about space, tsunamis, and waterfalls.ChathamSTEM will follow up this initiative on February 18th when Linda Sohl from Columbia University will showcase EdGCM, a modeling tool used by high schools and colleges to teach climate modeling and projections, at the Chatham High School.


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